Furla Increased the Average Value Per User by 6.61% with XGen Ai Product Curation Against Salesforce Einstein


Furla is an Italian accessories brand and leader in the accessible luxury segment. Established in Bologna in 1927 by Aldo Furlanetto, the Furla brand stands out with a winning combination of Italian high quality, creativity, and signature style.

The brand teamed up with XGen Ai with the goal of delivering a totally unique, hyper-curated store experience for every user on their site that continuously changes and adapts in real-time.

Furla started a free trial with Proof of Concept on April 1, 2022 running in JP, IT and the USA.


The Italian brand partnered with XGen Ai to predict each site visitor’s next steps and use any and all variables (product, content, images, etc.) to build a unique purchasing journey for each user.

By automating the decision-making process with XGen Ai’s machine learning framework, Furla’s eCommerce team enabled a CX that adapts to the individual customer in milliseconds, not weeks (as is the case with conventional personalization) while also protecting user privacy with 100% anonymized data.

Within one month of A/B testing, Furla began to see positive results driven by the increase of conversion and average order value.


XGen Ai vs. Salesforce Einstein

From April 1, 2022 to April 24, 2022, an AB test was run to compare the effectiveness of XGen Ai’s machine-learning powered CX against the existing setup with SF Einstein. XGen Ai was able to quickly deploy a more comprehensive (more locations on site) and effective solution that resulted in key KPI increases, such as Average Value Per User (+6.61%), Orders (+4.44%), Purchases (+1.75%), and Average Order Value (+2.25%) on Furla’s site.

During the Proof of Concept (PoC), 50% of traffic (Control Group) sees the website without the XGen Ai-powered elements and the rest of the traffic (Test Group) sees the website with the XGen Ai-powered Smart Elements.

Maximum Gains

Smart Elements were deployed to Furla’s Home Page, Product Listing Pages, Product Details Pages, Cart Fly Out, Shopping Cart, and Zero Search Result. These enabled a continuously optimized shopping experience at the individual level in real-time – all while fully maintaining consumer data privacy.

XGen Ai configures the right models to each customer data set and tunes them automatically for absolute maximum performance optimization.