Johnny Was Increased Sales with Deep Learning and Real-Time Product Curation for Individual Customers


The Johnny Was team set out to prove that:

• XGen Ai outperformed their existing personalization platform for product recommendations

• Sales derived from the use of XGen Ai paid for an annual subscription in a short amount of time

In conjunction with these objectives, the boho-chic clothing brand was also looking for platform ease of use and support services.


By driving a unique user experience to each individual consumer in real-time, XGen Ai can put the right product in front of the right customer at every touchpoint.

Smart Elements were deployed to the Homepage Carousel, Product Listing Page recommendations (first row), Product Details Page, and Shopping Cart Upsell.

Segment: Women’s Apparel


The initial deployment of XGen Ai significantly outperformed the personalization solution Johnny Was had in place already.

The results from an empirical A/B test against the client’s provider proved an 8% increase in revenue over existing personalization efforts.

Furthermore, users who interacted with XGen Ai had a 28% higher Average Order Value and a 2.3X Conversion Rate improvement.

The revenue increase achieved during the initial deployment covered the cost of an XGen Ai annual subscription in less than two weeks.