LeSportsac Achieved 5.4% Revenue Increase Against Competitor with Dynamic 1:1 Personalization


LeSportsac holds a unique place in the fashion industry, with stylish, comfortable, and highly functional bags that are unique and exquisite.

A large portion of their market is online, so it’s mission-critical for them to generate the ideal shopping experience for each user and drive their conversion rate as high as possible.

LeSportsac’s challenge was to bring a more dynamic, personalized experience to each
customer and drive key revenue KPIs.


Dynamic on-site recommendations delivered at a 1:1 level, putting the right products in front of the right users, every time.

We started with a 50/50 A/B test to determine the effectiveness of XGen Ai’s personalization engine and technology in LeSportsac’s unique eCommerce environment.

Within five weeks of running this test, it was clear that XGen Ai’s on-site personalization
solution was ROI positive against LeSportsac’s existing personalization solution.


PLP Recommendations

The XGen Ai platform enables us to place dynamic, 1:1 recommendations at the top of each Product Listing Page to recommend the top products for the individual within the category.

This placement is highly effective at limiting scroll time, improving the UX, and boosting conversions.

For LeSportsac, this placement has a click-through rate of over 10% on average.

PDP Recommendations

Providing cross-sell and upsell opportunities on the Product Details Page is the most well- known implementation of personalization, but XGen Ai takes it a step further.

With on-site interaction recorded, the XGen Ai engine can predict and recommend the products that the user is most likely to engage with or purchase in real-time.