The Problem with Personalization in 2021

When it comes to eCommerce performance, personalization is recognized as one of the most effective ways of driving revenue lift. Amazon relies on personalization to increase revenue by over 11% every year. 

The problem is that personalization and site optimization are complex challenges that often result in poor results and the same, non-intelligent and never changing experiences to large groups of customers treated as one rather than uniquely tailoring the experience to each individual.

To compound this, 3rd party customer data analytics and platforms have now been rendered unreliable, calling on the need for advancement in 1st party analytics & optimization systems that actually perform. 

Today‚Äôs solutions are old news, complicated to operate or do not generate the performance you are looking for.  They can be time-consuming and require you to intervene and make decisions frequently. 

Rapid-start solutions simply do not drive the performance you need and are often non-transparent about what the results actually are. 

The ultimate goal in optimizing the buyer experience is to understand the specific needs of an individual customer and deliver a perfect, tailored experience that drives retention and a greatly increased Lifetime Value through a deep connection with the individual customer. Much like the person-to-person experience in a luxury store, a sales rep makes decisions in real-time and crafts the sales experience to fit the customers’ needs. 

This is precisely what XGen AI empowers you to do and is the keystone tool to drive the transition to digital-first commerce.  

Through years of R&D in the AI space, XGen AI has developed a truly breakthrough and stand-alone technology that combines and fully automates personalization and user experience optimization at the unique customer level.

Maximizing first-party data value, it utilizes automated, optimized & personalized user experiences that adapt to every site visitor many times a second, yielding an industry-leading lift in incremental revenue while taking the time and complexities out of the process.

Book a demo with the XGen AI team to find out how you can maximize the value of 1st party data to act now on the transition to digital-first commerce. 

Author: Frank Faricy, CEO and Founder, XGen AI

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